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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions
Chroma bespoke rug example
Chroma bespoke rug example
Chroma Rugs from concept to execution
Chroma bespoke rug example
Chroma Rugs designd with understanding
Chroma Rugs designed with integrity
Chroma Rugs has perfect design solutions
Chroma bespoke rug example
Chroma Rugs designed with careful consideration of yarns
Chroma Rugs designed with finishing techniques in mind
Chroma Rugs created for architets and designers
Chroma bespoke rug example
Chroma loves rugs and creates bespoke rugs
Chroma Rugs designed with love and understanding
Chroma bespoke rug example
A Chroma Rug for 11 Brindley Place
Chroma Rugs designed with integrity
We work with designers, architects and clients creating beautiful rugs that reflect abstract thoughts and design inspirations, giving life, in a tangible form, to the client's vision.


We appreciate that the truly great designer cares passionately about the user, so we focus on providing a rug solution that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations.


We love rugs, and we totally understand that no two rugs, no two projects and no two designs are ever the same! We specialise in creating the perfect bespoke rug for every, and any application, whether that is retail, residential, commercial or the hospitality sector, we can realise your design brief and ideas.


We can help you with what we believe are the imperative stages to consider when starting on the process of designing the perfect rug solution.


We seek a clear understanding at the outset, from the careful consideration of yarns, the complexity and scale of design, colour tone, colour saturation and final finishing techniques. All these characteristics impact on both cost and lead time, but without compromising the integrity of the design.


Read about the design process & view more in our ChromaRugs Book

Chroma Rugs Dance Concept Stage
Chroma Rugs Dance Concept Sample design
Chroma Rugs Fold Concept Stage
Chroma Rugs Dance Fold Sample design
Chroma Rugs Block Concept Stage
Chroma Rugs Block sample Stage design
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