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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions

What is luxury vinyl tile (LVT)?

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a flooring product that is made by combining layers of PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride ). Polyvinyl Chloride is it the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer and finds widespread use in building, transport, packaging, electrical/electronic and healthcare applications. LVT is usually categorized into three components which make up the final flooring product. These are the backing, film print and wear layer, each could have multiple layers and are hot pressed together to produce a resilient flooring. Aspecta only use the best quality pure ingredients to ensure stability, recyclability and longevity of their products, resulting in a premium flooring product.

What is the main difference between LVT and a vinyl sheet product?

LVT is a much more resilient material offering a wealth of design options with more realistic visuals. Aspecta's advanced embossing techniques together with its film prints replicate wood, stone, ceramics and concretes so well it is hard to tell them apart from the real thing. Aspecta LVT is produced in many formats and is less cumbersome and easier to handle than sheet, and will not tear. It is favored by the Retail sector for instance rather that sheet vinyl, repairs if required are as simple as changing out a plank or tile whereas sheet would need a patch welded in and always looks ugly and an obvious repair.

Why would you use Aspecta LVT instead of a natural hard flooring product?

There are numerous reasons notwithstanding price, and application time but Aspecta replicates natural products without any of the inherent drawbacks with some natural finishes. Aspecta has splinters, no cracking, no mold growth or dirty grout lines. Aspecta is waterproof and hypo allergenic and with less maintenance its extremely cost effective especially over a comparative life cycle.

Is a thicker LVT a better LVT?

NO and YES! ASPECTA FIVE is thicker than most mid-range LVT products, specifically to meet the demands of today's installation types. Installers say Aspecta helps stop telegraphing from seams on plywood floors and anomalies on concrete floors. Installer feedback also tells us that the wear layer is second to none due to the ceramic bead particles embedded within creating a more resilient surface.

Is it expensive to maintain LVT?

 Not when using Aspecta. The Aspecta LVT is manufactured with a high performance UV cured urethane and ceramic bead surface encapsulated within a super matte finish. No sealer or wax is needed just a daily sweep or vacuum (without beater bars). The application and traffic frequency will determine when the floor needs a damp mop with a neutral cleaner.

Is LVT Slippery?

Most hard floorcoverings are slippery when wet. Aspecta LVT is rigorously tested to stringent H&S standards and has one of the best wet test results amongst LVT manufacturers. It can be confidently used in Restaurants, Bars and throughout Public areas.

In what areas can I use LVT?

Aspecta LVT can be used in the heaviest of footfall areas such as Education, Leisure, Retail, Healthcare, Corporate, Assisted Living, Hospitality, Transportation, Student Accommodations and throughout the home.

There are so many LVT's now, are they all the same?

The choice of LVT has never been as large. Although beware as they are not all the same. Aspecta standalone due to the use of quality materials used to create their products, from the backing layers to the all-important wear layer, which determines the life of the product. Most LVT's designs are created by the film prints, but Aspecta surpasses all visual expectation as Aspecta's creative new technology produces embossed surfaces that gives our LVT its natural look and incredible feel.

How many m2 can be installed without introducing expansion joints?

The installation can be limitless. No expansion joints are required due to the stability of the product. Aspecta gives you the choice of mixing wood, stone, concrete and metals without door plates or reducing strips the design possibilities are endless.

Can you repair LVT?

LVT can be repaired quickly and easily. Due to its formats in plank or tile a single item can be removed and replaced without damage to the rest of the floor. Perfect for environments such as Retail or Hospitality as this can be the difference in closure and loss of business.

What is the difference between the Pendulum Test and R ratings?

The pendulum test measures dynamic coefficient of friction (CoF).
The test is designed to replicate a pedestrian heel strike, the point at which most slips occur. When a pedestrian heel strikes a wet floor a fluid film is created between them, this can cause a slip.
This test works in wet conditions because it generates a similar fluid film between the slider and the floor.
It can be used to accurately test the slip potential on clean and dry or contaminated floors. The test also works with dry contaminants.
This is HSE's preferred method of testing, because it is portable and works in the conditions that slip accidents happen.
R ratings are values claimed by manufacturers usually from R9 - R13. R 13 having the most slip resistance.
Always ask for clarification on this point and compare the pendulum tests results with R ratings, to verify your specification. Please ask Chroma to help you with this if you have any queries.

Do you offer a RIBA CPD?

Yes please email cpd@chroma.im and we will contact you

I am an architect can you assist in writing an NBS specification?

Yes we can please email nbs@chroma.im

I want to match a fabric or create a special colour can I do this?

Yes we have a revolutionary system that allows us to match all our flooring to your requested colour

Do you have acoustic flooring solutions?

Yes, call us and we can discuss your requirements.

How do I get the best finish on my oak flooring?

Chroma supply 100% European oak flooring fully certified by the FSC and PEFC. This highest quality raw material is then expertly finished with natural hard waxes and oils to deliver an unrivalled product which can only be achieved in the controlled environment of a professional wood flooring manufacturer.

Do you sell reclaimed wood flooring in the UK?

We offer FSC and PEFC certified reclaimed oak material sourced from such places as old railway beams, warehouses, out buildings, etc.

Can I make my own bespoke rug design?

Yes Chroma has a full time in house design resource and we can work with you to produce whatever you need.

Can I get a bespoke rug in a hurry?

Yes we can get you a bespoke rug in less than three weeks.

Is there a cheaper and more robust alternative to silk carpet?

At Chroma we have a whole range of silk and silk effects to suit every budget

I like the look of concrete but want a softer texture and better underfoot comfort, do you have a concrete effect flooring?

Chroma has a product the looks like a screened floor, when you see it you will love it, everyone does!

Do you have any bright and colourful rubber flooring?

At Chroma we pride ourselves on having an extensive market leading colour range to meet every project need.

I'm not sure if I need to specify flooring accessories and if I need them, as I prefer an uninterrupted floor finish?

At Chroma we work hard to avoid transition strips between flooring. You will be surprised what can be achieved.

Do you make shaped carpet tiles?

At Chroma we have every shape you can imagine. Speak to the sales team to learn more.

I would like to mix up the look of my floor design, using chevron and herringbone designs and parquet flooring, can you supply me this and help with the design layout?

Chroma can help you to specify any of these types of flooring and more.

I would like to use wide oak flooring, do you supply wider planks as standard?

With widths up to 400mm and lengths up to 5.5lm we can make your idea a reality.

Do you supply any flooring made in the UK?

At Chroma we are proud of the fact that we support UK manufacturing. Let us help you.

We have a BREEAM standard to meet for our flooring, do you have anything that meets the criteria?

Chroma has worked on a number of BREEAM excellent and outstanding schemes and we believe we are experts in sustainable design.

I am working on a SKA fit-out project and looking for flooring that fits the criteria, do you have anything suitable?

With our own fully certified SKA assessor let us help you understand how that can be achieved.

Does Chroma have any wood and stone effect flooring solutions that are quick and easy to install?

Chroma has a full range of wide, strip and tile, luxury vinyl wood and stone effect flooring.

We need to specify some anti-bacterial flooring in certain areas of our project, can you suggest anything suitable?

At Chroma we have a number of solutions to meet this requirement, let us come and show you what can be achieved.

Are there any really good looking and environmentally friendly carpet tiles?

With numerous yarn and backing solutions Chroma has an elegant and design lead tile or plank for every project.

I am looking for a responsible supplier that does actually recycle their products after its natural life, does Chroma do this?

Chroma has a framework in place to allow for our materials to be recycled.

I like the look of woven vinyl but how practical is it really, especially for cleaning?

Whilst we do supply woven vinyl - this product is very misunderstood and at times specified incorrectly. Please allow Chroma to visit you and discuss the correct way to use this material to avoid maintenance issue. With the right guidance and advice this can be a fantastic product.

I am very interested in wellbeing flooring products, wellbeing product are one of our main criteria for all projects, and wanted to know if you supply any clean air flooring?

Yes we agree, and Chroma boasts and is exclusive supplier of a patented global leading product which has been independently proven to purify air and reduce indoor VOCs

Should I use underlay or not?

This is a personal choice to do with the type of carpet, the underfoot comfort required, performance and other factors check with your Chroma sales consultant if you're not sure.

Can I have a hard floor without laying plywood and preventing access to the access floor?

Yes Chroma have a number of solutions from total access products to part access products call us and find out!

What type of vacuum cleaner does Chroma recommend?

It's true to say that this topic is rarely addressed correctly because cleaning companies generally take the cheapest route and provide low cost tub vacs to their on-site people. With carpet tiles it's always best to use upright vacuums and the same for many broadlooms.

What is the size of the Chroma Wood Timber boards?

This is one of the greatest thing about Chroma Wood, rather than coming as a pack of standard boards at X LENGTH by X WIDTH, we are able to offer an array of different widths and thicknesses of board. We can advise the best options specific to your project.

I see your Object Carpet is Nylon, will that mean lots of static energy?

In days gone by people did associate Nylon with static shocks, however due to the revolutionary polyamide yarns that our factory use, this is not an issue.

I have heard of using a "Tackifier Adhesive" with loose lay tiles, what does this mean?

A Tackifier Adhesive simply means that rather than directly adhering the product to the floor, the tackifier will instead stop any lateral or "side-to-side" movement meaning that should severe damage occur, a loose lay tile can be easily lifted and replaced. Chroma have a vast range of Loose Lay options so give us a call to discuss how we can help.

What sort of edgings can you offer on your rugs and are they a trip hazard?

When producing our rugs, we ensure that a professionally finished edging is achieved, whether that be a material edging or rolled edges. In some of our Global Retail rollout programmes, a diminishing perimeter trim has been used and there are lots of different options of sleek edgings so give us a call to discuss your needs.

Do you supply ceramics?

With a combined 75 years of experience in every single department of the supply of soft flooring and rugs, this is where our true expertise is. Although we do not have a dedicated ceramics line, with over 2000 products we are sure to have a product to fit your needs.

Do you have a Flame Retardant Underlay?

We do not supply underlay but we do recommend Ball & Young products.

We do not supply underlay but we do recommend Ball & Young products.

We do not supply underlay but we do recommend Ball & Young products a number of which have well in excess of a 50% recycled content.

What would be the best yarn to use for a handmade rug?

This isn't an easy question to answer as there are so many variables depending on what impression and personality you are trying to create. Traditionally, handmade rugs are normally made from wool, sometimes blends of wools. Although in the Design Collection section of our Alp brand page you will see beautiful handmade rugs, made from Silk, Linen, and Cotton and also blends of both. Bespoke handmade rugs offer you a blank canvas to create something truly beautiful, choosing the right yarn is the lifetime's work of many craftsmen, invaluable experience that we can share with you.

I really love the feel and appearance of Silk but doubt we have the budget?

There is no doubt as to the luxurious pampered experience of real silk. Although we understand that budget restraints and project practicalities are also an important factor. We offer a number of alternative options which we refer to as Art Silk which overcome these concerns.

Do you supply rugs?

Yes we supply rugs in any size, shape, colour, design or material.

What does tog rating mean?

Tog rating is much like that referred to in standard duvet bedding, in flooring terms it means the minimum tog rate of a floor covering to allow the under floor heating system to diffuse through.

i would like to use under floor heating but concerned it will limit my choices of floor covering?

Floor covering manufacturers have recognised the need to provide finishes that are effective with under floor heating systems. Our brand partners offer a number of soft and hard finishes that compliment these systems.

I am not sure if I really need any underlay at all, is it just more expense?

The use of underlays tends to depend on past user experience, Chroma offers products that eliminate the need for underlay which reduces any extra costs or longer installation times.

What is Felt and Gripper?

Felt and Gripper is the term used to attach broadloom carpet to a perimeter, and normally used to achieve a neat and tidy turned over finish as oppose to a cut edge finish to the wall.

What is meant by a permanent application, can it never be removed?

The term 'permanent application' normally means the use of some type of adhesive and is usually used in very high traffic areas. Although there are now a number of products that can also be used in high traffic areas that do not require a permanently adhered solution.

I have heard of Durafit but not sure what this is?

Durafit is usually used when referring to an underlay that has been stuck directly to the floor covering and then directly applied to the floor surface. This usually results in a more pliable and moveable finish.

I like carpets to have a seamless appearance between doors so are the use of door bars really necessary?

The right method of installation and careful specification of product can eliminate the need for door bars.

What are stair runners and rods?

The term 'stair runner' refers to the carpet used on the stairwell. Stair rods are the 'rods' or 'ornate clips' used across the treads of the stair. You can get numerous different types of stair rods that tend to be used on traditional stairways; their usage is primarily for aesthetic reasons but can also be to help secure the stair carpet especially on curved or winding stairways. We would recommend you take advice on the specification of stair carpet, as there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration.

Stair nosings can be a bit confusing when should you use them?

It is very likely that there may be some considerations regarding H&S when specifying stair and step accessories regardless of the floor covering choice, we would therefore always recommend taking expert advice in this area.

What is a protimeter?

A protimeter is the most familiar trade name for an instrument that measures the damp levels in building materials, usually by measuring the electrical conductivity between two points. This instrument may be used to measure the moisture content in concrete floors.

What is relative humidity and why is it important when considering flooring products?

The relative humidity of a concrete slab is the level of moisture present in the sub floor and taken into consideration when embarking on laying a floor covering. However there are finishes available now that can be installed at very high levels of relative humidity.

What is stepping?

Stepping is the term used to describe what happens when carpet tiles do not line up corner to corner. This is usually due to poor installation.

What is gapping?

Gapping is the term used to describe what happens when gaps appear between carpet tiles, usually caused by poor installation techniques.

I can see what looks like cotton wool fluff in some areas of the floor?

This is usually called fluffy edging and is quite common in carpet tile installations of a multi level loop and made much more apparent when using light and plain colours. This is caused when the tile is stamped out during the production process and is normally not present in cut pile qualities.

What is a floating floor and how secure is it in reality?

The term floating floor means when a floor is installed without the use of adhesives or permanent fixings. These floors are hardwearing and robust and remain in place due to the installation method, although some manufacturers would recommend a light fix usually using tape to one tile at every 50m2 in large open plans areas. The use of this type of floor results in a faster, cleaner and more environmentally acceptable installation. We recommend you take specialist advice when considering adhesive free installations.

How can you reduce the amount of soiling and moisture a floor covering is subjected to?

Foot traffic accounts for over 70% of soiling to flooring installations. To reduce this you have to reduce the amount brought into the building by using specially designed product at the various entrances.

What waste percentages should I allow when selecting floor finishes?

With careful consideration, using various manufacturing methods, floor covering waste can be reduced to a bare minimum. All our products can be 'bespoke' manufactured to specific requirements ensuring the eradication of waste and subsequent additional costs.

How can you assess the wearability of different flooring products?

Most manufacturers provide standard commercially acceptable wear guarantees. Although the real consideration is how a product will look after an amount of time. This is normally dependent upon the amount of traffic the floor is subjected to. Certain products have a higher inherent wearability factor due to the material choice or the construction method. We would always advise on the choice of floor finish taking into account the application and intended use.

What is the difference between Axminster and Wilton?

Both Axminster and Wilton are woven carpets but the difference is in the way in which the yarns are woven. A Wilton carpet is woven as a continuous process and the surface yarns are continuous threads whereas when an Axminster carpet is woven the yarns are cut into U shaped threads. In general the maximum colours are twelve in an Axminster product and up to five in a Wilton product. The majority of the Axminster and Wilton products we provide are bespoke manufactured to special designs, although we have a number of popular standards designs. The manufacturing process of both Axminster and Wilton produces a luxurious and long lasting investment.

Why do some people refer to wall to wall carpet and broadloom carpet separately?

Wall to wall carpet refers to the coverage of the floor. Wall to wall carpet is usually produced to create a certain aesthetic appearance or design in a specific area, and may be made up of various pieces of carpet joined together specifically to create a particular design or bespoke installation. Alternatively broadloom carpet refers to the size of the machine used during the manufacturing process of a broadloom carpet. Typical machinery used for creating broadloom carpets are usually 4m or 5m wide.

Does the fact that the floor has an access raised floor limit my choice of finishes to a standard office type carpet tile?

Absolutely no, although a number of the traditional carpet tile manufacturers would like to suggest otherwise. There are now numerous floor finishes with various access methods available. Within our photography section are a number of access floor installations showing very different flooring solutions and we would be happy to explain further.

What is piece dyeing?

There are two stages in which you can dye yarn, one prior to the tufting process and the other after the tufting process. Piece dyeing is commonly used after the tufting process for example in a rug when a gradient of colour creates the overall design. The appearance created by this method is very popular is it can have a striking effective.

am trying to match a colour to be used in the flooring from a fabric I like?

Colour matching has become a very sophisticated process and there is not a problem to create certain colours from swatches or samples of other textiles. This can either be done by the naked eye starting with over 2100 colours from our standard pom box or the colour composition analysed by our colour matching systems. It is worth remembering that colour is created by the amount of light reflected and therefore the appearance to the naked eye can vary depending on the level and type of light.

What's the average lead time for your products?

The lead times vary from a few days to about 6 weeks depending on the product you are looking at. We stock a number of items for quick delivery and also make products to exact specifications which can take longer.

Is it possible to choose a product from your collection and have a rug made from it?

The quick answer is 'yes' as we can make rugs from the range of soft flooring products. The process would be to discuss with us the range that you are interested in, choose the size or shape, then the type of edge detail you would like. There are numerous to choose from so we would recommend a meeting with you to explore all the options. In addition we can offer a custom solution chosen from qualities that you can mix and match to create a unique and totally bespoke finished item.

How do you stop the rugs slipping?

You can choose to have your rug finished with a patented anti-slip backing which ensures the rug stays in place. We provide rugs for all environments including heavy traffic areas such as retail shops. There is sometimes a need for a bespoke fixing, which we design as part of the design process. We have also designed rugs to be inset into the floor grid. It all depends on the application and what is best for the scheme. Rugs are becoming more and more popular and we always strive to be able to provide the best possible solution for the environment.

What is slip rating?

A slip rating is the result from a slip resistance test. One of the main areas of Health and Safety is defining how slippery a floor is and whether it is fit for purpose in a particular area. We always recommend that you seek advice on flooring specification for specific areas and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

I am looking for DDA compliant flooring suitable for partially sighted users?

Light reflectance levels and contrasting surface textures are all considerations for this type of application, however we offer a range specially designed for this user group, and we would happily discuss this in more detail with you by contacting us directly.

I am working on a project that requires all products to meet the LEED gold standard, and we are looking for suitable floor coverings?

There is an inherent desire within the flooring industry to manufacture and supply products that reduce the impact on the environment. The standards required by LEED, BREEAM and SKA all demonstrate a benchmark required to be recognised as an environmentally aware project. These standards ensure construction and fitout projects are managed with the least impact possible, primarily the reduction in landfill, by asking for an either/or criteria to be present in the specification process. We offer hard and soft flooring solutions with this objective in mind and can confidently demonstrate that these criteria are met and would be happy to discuss your requirements further.

I am working on a project that has Chromatile specified but can't see in on your website, is it still available?

Yes Chromatile is still very much available, if you would like to email the specification details of the product we can help with your enquiry. Or call us.

I just love the Poodle range from Object Carpet but we would really prefer a carpet tile as we need to get access to the raised floor?

The Poodle range from Object Carpet is an amazingly versatile product and you will be pleased to know that you can have Poodle in a tile. Click here through to see the various colours available.

What would be the best yarn to use for a handmade rug?

This isn't an easy question to answer as there are so many variables depending on what impression and personality you are trying to create. Traditionally, handmade rugs are normally made from wool, sometimes blends of wools. Although in the Design Collection section of our Alp brand page you will see beautiful handmade rugs, made from Silk, Linen, and Cotton and also blends of both. Bespoke handmade rugs offer you a blank canvas to create something truly beautiful, choosing the right yarn is the lifetime's work of many craftsmen, invaluable experience that we can share with you.

Does the rubber flooring by Artigo have a BRE rating?

As a responsible rubber flooring manufacturer Artigo have had their material tested to ensure they meet and exceed your expectations in relation to BRE. In general Artigo rubber achieves and A+ or A under the BRE scheme.

How good does the subfloor have to be to install rubber flooring?

Artigo rubber arrives from the factory ready to install after it has been acclimatised to its new environment. However, every installation is different so if you are unsure we ask you to contact us for advice regarding the correct method of install.

Can rubber flooring be used as a hospital flooring , is it resistant to Staph infections?

When designing healthcare environments you need to consider a number of health and safety requirements along with the aesthetics. In general Artigo can help you provide an environment that is resistant to fungi, bacteria, and micro-organisms.

Can rubber help with noise reduction?

It is a common misconception that carpet offers a superior solution to noisy environments. In fact a number of test results show that rubber flooring and carpet show similar acoustic ratings.

How easy is it to have a special colour in rubber flooring?

Using a special colour sometimes makes your scheme work and pulls together the complete interior. Chroma and Artigo can offer you around 1700 colours. Speak to us first and save time.

When laying flooring on concrete should I test for Relative Humidity (RH)?

If the concrete has been laid within the last six months I would suggest that you test for RH. Speak to Chroma we can help you test for moisture first, before you have a problem later.

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